When is the Right Time For a Facelift?

There is no set-in-stone time that is deemed right for a facelift. The right time differs for everyone based on their anatomy and goals. Aging is inevitable for everyone, so it is up to you when and how you would like to address it.

Minimally Invasive vs. Facelift

People at all ages can look for a facial rejuvenation, and some routes may be better than others. Many patients come in when they begin to see fine lines, wrinkles and a change in their skin’s texture. At this point they are in the early signs of aging, and a surgeon may recommend they choose UItherapy, fillers or botox to get the best results for their goals. These minimally invasive routes are great for slowing down aging signs, and preventing the lines and wrinkles from getting worse. When the patients come in with the larger signs of aging such as sagging and deep creases, their best choice for great results will be a facelift.

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The Right Time is Up to You

Every person is different and so is their goals. Some people may be fine with getting fillers and other minimally invasive treatments to fight off the signs of aging, while others may be looking to have a full face lift. That decision is up tp you and your surgeon. Dr. Sabini discusses all options with his patients to ensure they are choosing the right path for their treatment. The best candidates for a facelift have realistic expectations, and are looking to improve their skin quality, fight signs of aging such as sagging and deep wrinkles, but still have elasticity in the skin.

Gravity, stresses and aging all take their toll eventually, so facelifts do not last forever. They can drastically improve your look and can slow down the signs of aging for years to come. It is recommended to have another procedure five to ten years after the first one to upkeep the results. When you Schedule A Consultation with Dr. Sabini, he can address whether a facelift is the right path for you. He wants to hear about your goals and how you would like to achieve them. It is important that both you and him have realistic expectations, so you can achieve your goals in the healthiest way possible.