Not Every Scar Has to Be Permanent

No matter if the scar is big or small, it can be an eyesore you wish to get rid of. With scar removal from Dr. Sabini, any scar from injury or surgery can be removed. Using laser, dermabrasion or surgical excision we can reduce the appearance of your unattractive scarring.

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How Does a Scar Develop?

The deepest part of the skin, known as the dermis, is damaged from injury or surgery, so the body forms new collagen fibers to rebuild the skin. As the new tissue is formed it will have a different texture than the surrounding skin. The scar tissue is usually flat and pale, but in some cases if the body produces too much collagen so the scar can be raised.

The Treatment

When a scar doesn’t heal correctly it can be misshapen or obvious. When a scar is on your face, arms or any other place that affects your appearance, scar revision may be for you. Treatment can be administered through topical treatments, minimally invasive procedures, or surgical revision. Therefore, Dr. Sabini will review the size, depth and location of the scar to determine the best treatment option for you.

The Process

  • Topical Treatments: Creams and gels can be used to aid in healing and reduce the skin’s irregular pigment.
  • Minimally Invasive Treatment: Multiple methods can be used to soften the skin and achieve results. Dermabrasion, laser treatments, and chemical peels can all be used to treat the scar.
  • Surgical Revision: Injections of dermal fillers or steroids can be used to treat the scar tissue. The collagen formation is reduced which can alter the appearance of the scar. To upkeep results, routine treatments will need to be administered.

When treatment of the scar tissue requires incisions, Dr. Sabini will close the wound underneath the skin and work up to the surface. As he does this he can reposition the scar to make it less noticeable.

Scar Removal Recovery

Depending on your treatment, there may be little to no downtime. You may experience swelling, discoloration or discomfort for one to two weeks. Swelling will persist for a few weeks as the new skin heals, but this will fade over time. Although it can take several weeks to see your final results, they will be long lasting. Furthermore, help enhance the outcome, Dr. Sabini recommends dermabrasion or fractionated laser. To get started on your scar removal today, call Dr. Sabini or visit us online to schedule your consultation.