How To Upkeep Plastic Surgery Results

Deciding to undergo plastic surgery is a big step. You are choosing to invest in your body, so you want to make sure you are spending your money wisely. The patients who come to Dr. Roussalis are always satisfied with their results for years to come, but aging and genetics will always play a role in the results. After recovery you will see the results you have always wanted, and there are some measures you need to take to upkeep those results.

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Live a Healthy Lifestyle After Plastic Surgery

The body contouring procedures done by Dr. Roussalis provides great results that will give your body the curves and proportion you are looking for. Eating right and exercising are key when it comes to keeping those results. You need to stay at a healthy weight to ensure your fat cells won’t expand. Every cosmetic surgery is different, and affects the fat cells in a different way. A liposuction will permanently remove your fat cells from the designated area, but if your weight is not kept stable, fat cells in other areas can expand. In lift procedures such as a tummy tuck, you’ll need to maintain a healthy weight to keep the skin from stretching, undoing the surgery. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a balanced diet will upkeep your results and benefit your overall health.

Good Skincare Routine

With every procedure comes scaring, but Dr. Roussalis will make sure to place it in an easy to hide area. When you leave our office, you will be given recovery instructions which will include a restriction on physical activities. This step is necessary so that everything heals properly, and scars will not stretch and become wider. A great skincare routine can have a large impact on the healing of the scar tissue. It is a great idea to ask your surgeon about the skincare products that work best for your incision site, because they know everything about that site. It is imperative that you follow your surgeon’s post-care instructions, because they know what your skin needs to heal correctly.

Create Healthy Habits After Plastic Surgery

What you put inside your body will affect the outside appearance of your body. It is required that patients are nonsmokers, and that they don’t abuse alcohol and other substances. To upkeep your results you’ll want to stay away from these things. We know that nicotine has large impacts on your overall health, but did you know it affects your body’s healing? When nicotine is involved, your body isn’t able to heal as fast which can lead to health complications such as pain, bleeding and more visible scarring.

How Can Dr. Roussalis Help?

The greatest way to upkeep your plastic surgery results is to be honest with your surgeon. If Dr. Roussalis knows the type of lifestyle you live, what you put in your body and how your scars are healing, he can help. He can work with you to upkeep your results while still maintaining how you wish to live. If you want to learn more, Contact Us Today!