How Breastfeeding Can Impact How You Look

Throughout a woman’s life her breasts will change due to aging, weight fluctuation and of course, pregnancy. While a woman is pregnant her breasts will prepare themselves for nursing by becoming larger. After pregnancy the breasts will produce milk which creates a denser tissue in the breast. As you wean your baby off the breast milk, some woman’s breasts will return to how they were before pregnancy, while others will see a change. There can be a shift in the fatty tissue, and some women will see their breasts shrink while others will stay larger. Whether your breasts sag or stay full while breastfeeding comes down to your genetics.

The Impacts

As women nurse, the milk will flow out causing the breast to drag down. This can cause the skin and tissue to stretch out, giving them an empty look. It is also common for these affects to happen to only one breast and not the other. Many women will experience one being larger or smaller than the other after pregnancy. Breastfeeding isn’t the only culprit when it comes to a change in your breasts during surgery. Your BMI, age, size of your breasts before pregnancy and number of pregnancies all play a role in the aesthetic of your breasts after pregnancy.

cropped view of plastic surgeon wrapping female breast with bandage, isolated on grey roussalis delaware plastic surgeon

The Solution

Dr. Roussalis can help you get the size and shape you are looking for after pregnancy. He can offer a breast reduction if your breasts are enlarged after pregnancy, or he can do an augmentation or lift to get a more youthful size and shape. These procedures can get rid of the sagging look and fix any shape abnormalities. Get your pre-baby body back with the help from Dr. Roussalis. Give us a call or visit us online today to schedule a consultation! We can assess your concerns and find the right solution to get your body to the way you want it.